Fill in the Blanks

Choose "have" or "has"

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1. I a new umbrella.
2. My sister a new cupboard.
3. You a new parrot.
4. We black shoes.
5. The students many books.
6. They two white rabbits.
7. This man no money.
8. Sak many friends.
9. Lek and Chai a new bicycle.
10. She a red car.
11. The tiger four legs.
12. These girls long hair.
13. This room six windows.
14. Those houses red roofs.
15. Bangkok tall buildings.
16. His father two new houses.
17. A policeman a gun.
18. A rabbit long legs.
19. Buffaloes horns.
20. Tigers sharp teeth.
21. They many friends.
22. My father a piano.
23. Manit a big ball.
24. I a good bicycle.
25. This woman a good car.