Fill in the Blanks

Choose "is", "am" or "are"

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1. This man tall.
2. You a student.
3. The girls in the room.
4. I your friend.
5. These books new.
6. Prasert not sick.
7. They hungry.
8. The woman fat.
9. She thirsty.
10. The horses in the field.
11. The teacher at his desk.
12. My books in the bag.
13. I late today.
14. The parrots green.
15. The nurse kind.
16. Those nurses in the room.
17. We playing football.
18. You tall and fat.
19. It not my pen.
20. The policemen in the car.
21. Mr. sawat a teacher.
22. His friends policemen.
23. My house in Bangkok.
24. There many people in Samutprakan.
25. The trees in the garden.