Change to Interrogative

Fill in the blanks.

1. He is a good boy. a good boy?
2. She is a good girl. a good girl?
3. They are good children. good children?
4. We are good children. good children?
5. I am in the classroom. in the classroom?
6. She is a teacher. ?
7. The old woman is a teacher. ?
8. She has many pencils. ?
9. They are teachers. ?
10. That man is the principal. ?
11. Suda is sleeping.
12. Suda and Malee are sleeping.
13. Udom is drinking tea.
14. They have much money.
15. The farmers are in the field.
16. There is a book on the table.
17. There are many boys in the room.
18. It is a good book.
19. They have many good books.
20. He has black hair.