Welcome to the e-learning website for Sriwittayapaknam School in Thailand. This website has been designed for our own students to learn English at school and at home. All of our students, both regular and IEP, go up to the computer room once a week for e-learning. Students from other schools are welcome to use this resource for free.

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John Evans from Bangkok: This is a really good resource to help Thai students prepare for O-NET. Many thanks for making it available to other students in Thailand. Not just your own. If possible, please make more of the quizzes available as worksheets that we can download. Thanks again and keep up all of the good work that you do!

Kolly Cool from Thailand: It’s amazing! I have been using it for two years now to prepare my students from grade P3 -P6. My students have had an awesome experience passing the O-Net exam without stress and scores pretty good.

Yvonne Centa from Pordenone, Italy: Hi, I’m a private teacher, I teach English and German languages I really find useful your website. It’s well organized and it gives many ideas and materials. Thanks a lot.

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Our school uses the Let’s Go books and so we have designed many activities and tests for these books. These include spelling tests, stories, wordsearch and hangman games, and tests based on each unit.

E-LEARNING: Kindergarten 3Primary 1 | Primary 2 | Primary 3 | Primary 4| Primary 5 | Primary 6

 Download Green Books: Book 1 | Book 2 | Book 3 | Book 4 | Book 5 | Book 6

More Exercises: Primary 1-6 Exams|Grammar TestsWordsearch | Hangman


LISTENING: Most of the listening exams on this website are for the teachers to read to the students. (Click here for the listening exams and dictation stories.)


Two of the projects that our students have to do is Write a Diary about their daily life and write an essay entitled All About Me. Click here for diary examples and here for life stories written by the students themselves. Or jump to one of the topis below:

DIARY: At Home Before School | Going to SchoolAt School | In the ClassroomLessons | Eating LunchGoing HomeWeekend Diary | On Holiday

ALL ABOUT ME: Introducing Myself | My Family | My Hometown | My House | My SchoolFreetime and HobbiesIntroducing my Friends | Going to the Temple


We are also preparing our primary students for national and international English exams such as O-NET, IELTS and TOEIC.

เรียนรู้ และฝึกทำข้อสอบ TOEIC ได้ที่นี่ | เรียนรู้ และฝึกทำข้อสอบ O-NET ได้ที่นี่

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