Do and Does

Drop Down

Fill in the blanks with either Do or Does.
1. he have any glue?
2. they have any paint brushes?
3. we have any paint?
4. I have any string?
5 my mother and sister have long hair?
6. you have any popcorn?
7. my father have any paper clips?
8. my brother have any magnets?
9. he have any crackers?
10. I have any ribbon?
11. Pichai go to school every day?
12. Lisa like pizza?
13. farmers grow rice?
14. he swim every morning?
15. he work in an office?
16. the boys drink soda?
17. it fly in the sky?
18. his mother give him some money?
19. the children play in the playground?
20. the tiger run fast?