Future Simple Tense (Verb to be + going to) 01

Change "shall" and "will" with the appropriate verb to be "is/am/are" and "going to"
Example: I shall walk the dog after school = I am going to walk the dog after school.

1. It will rain soon = It rain soon.
2. My father will take me to watch a movie tomorrow = My father take me to watch a movie tomorrow.
3. We shall visit our granparents at the weekend = We visit our grandparents.
4. I shall take pictures in the park = I take pictures in the park.
5. She will cook dinner tonight = She cook dinner tonight.
6. He will take a bath after dinner = He take a bath after dinner.
7. They will be busy tomorrow = They be busy tomorrow.
8. William will climb a mountain this weekend = William climb a mountain this weekend.
9. Her father will build a treehouse this weekend = Her father build a treehouse this weekend.
10. His mother will practice the violin tonight = His mother practice the violin tonight.
11. I shall study Chinese after school today = I study Chinese after school today.
12. It will be hot tomorrow = It be hot tomorrow.
13. She will work with animals at the weekend = She work with animals at the weekend.
14. We shall play video games after school = We play video games after school.
15. I shall take a shower soon = I take a shower soon.