Verb to be: Is, Am, Are, Was, Were

Fill in the blanks with "is", "am", "are", "was" or "were".
1. His children in the field.
2. Her daughter in the kitchen.
3. I ill yesterday.
4. I learning English.
5. He and his friends playing football.
6. John and I playing football last night.
7. He a strong man.
8. The children swimming now.
9. It raining yesterday.
10. You and Suda not at school yesterday.
11. I feeling sick today.
12. They not at school yesterday.
13. Ten years ago, I only a baby.
14. Her teeth white.
15. It raining hard. I cannot play football.
16. My parents happy I passed the exam.
17. It five o'clock when we got home.
18. I riding a horse at this time.
19. My friend absent from school yesterday.
20. When I younger, I played with dolls.