Verb to be (Present and Past Tenses)

Fill in the blanks with "is", "am", "are", "was" or "were". Click here to download free worksheets.
1. His children in the field.
2. Her daughter in the kitchen.
3. I ill yesterday.
4. I learning English.
5. He and his friends playing football.
6. John and I playing football last night.
7. He a strong man.
8. The children swimming now.
9. It raining yesterday.
10. You and Suda not at school yesterday.
11. I feeling sick at this moment.
12. They not at school yesterday.
13. Ten years ago, I only a baby.
14. Her teeth white.
15. It raining hard. I cannot play football.
16. My parents very happy I passed the exam.
17. It five o'clock when we got home.
18. I riding a horse at this time.
19. My friend absent from school yesterday.
20. When I younger, I played with dolls.