Past Continuous (was/were +ing) 01

Fill in the blanks with was/were +verb +ing
Make past continuous sentences. For example, change "We went to the park" to "We were going to the park"

1. I ate lunch at noon = I lunch at noon.
2. I walked to school = I to school.
3. We swam in the sea = We in the sea.
4. They washed the car = They the car.
5. She sat on the chair = She on the chair.
6. He went to school by bus = He to school by bus.
7. The boys read their books = The boys their books.
8. The policeman caught a thief = The policeman a thief.
9. The students drew a picture = The students a picture.
10. The men drank a lot of beer = The men a lot of beer.
11. I had lunch in my classroom = I lunch in my classroom.
12. The students wrote in their workbook = The boys in their workbooks.
13. The girl chose a red hat = The girl a red hat.
14. I took a photo of the temple = I a photo of the temple.
15. I slept in my bedroom = I in my bedroom.