Past Simple Tense (Affirmative) 01

Change to past tense. Click here to download free worksheets.
1. We an English test yesterday. (take)
2. He to my party last week. (come)
3.They Chinese lesson this morning. (have)
4. Eric his kite last weekend. (fly)
5. My mother to Chonburi on Sunday. (go)
6. I my mother after school yesterday. (meet)
7. I some Pepsi this morning. (drink)
8. We at KFC last night. (eat)
9. She the window yesterday. (break)
10. He a computer for his birthday. (get)
11. John 100 Baht in the playground yesterday. (find)
12. The students football after school on Friday. (play)
13. Mary her cellphone yesterday. (lose)
14. Manchester United the football match last weekend (win).
15. I to Seacon Square at the weekend. (go)