Past Simple Tense (Affirmative) 02

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1. We Bingo in our Math lesson yesterday. (play)
2.My family to Singapore last weekend. (fly)
3. I my ruler this morning. (break)
4. They milk every day when they were children. (drink)
5. My friend to Pattaya with his family last weekend. (go)
6. I a tree last week. (climb)
7. It to rain at 6am this morning. (begin)
8. Miss French me English last year. (teach)
9. I him at my old school. (know)
10. The thief away from the police. (run)
11. My father in Taiwan three years ago. (work)
12. I too much money yesterday. (spend)
13. My father us not to go home late. (tell)
14. I in the see last weekend. (swim)
15. I you in Big C yesterday. (see)