Present Simple Tense (Affirmative Sentences) 03

Fill in the blanks.
1. I to school every day. (come)
2. He his face every morning. (clean)
3. We Chinese on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (study)
4. She in Thailand. (live)
5. He his bicyle at the weekend. (ride)
6. They their English teacher. (like)
7. He in the park after school every day. (run)
8. We football after school on Fridays. (play)
9. I English every day. (learn)
10. We to Pattaya every weekend. (go)
11. He to the gym every Monday. (come)
12. Scott to watch a movie on Saturdays. (like)
13. Mary to school five times a week. (go)
14. We in Thailand. (live)
15. They their classroom on Fridays. (clean)
16. She the guitar on Saturdays. (learn)
17. I to school every day. (run)
18. We our bicycle to school every day. (ride)
19. John tennis on Sundays. (play)
20. She computer every Monday. (study)