Present Simple Negative (do/does + not) 01

Fill in the Blanks

Change the present simple sentences to negative by adding do/does + not
1. I begin at seven o'clock. >> I begin at seven o'clock.
2. They buy oranges. >> They buy oranges.
3. He plays in the morning. >> He play in the morning.
4. We eat apples. >> We eat apples.
5. The farmers grow rice. >> The farmers grow rice.
6. She drinks milkshake. >> She drink milkshake.
7. He sings a song. >> He sing a song.
8. They drink orange juice. >> They drink orange juice.
9. The farmer grow rice. >> The farmer grow rice.
10. They read comic books. >> They read comic books.
11. He begins at eight o'clock. >> He begin at eight o'clock.
12. They play in the afternoon. >> They play in the afternoon.
13. She eats rice. >> She eat rice.
14. They sing a song. >> They sing a song.
15. He eats chicken. >> He eat chicken.