Present Simple Negative (is/am/are + not) 01

Fill in the blanks.
Change to negative sentences. For example, change "I am seven years old" to "I am not seven years old".

1. He is a doctor = He a doctor.
2. You are fat = You fat.
3. I am a girl = I a girl.
4. She is pretty = She pretty.
5. It is a red flower = It a red flower.
6. We are happy = We happy.
7. They are my pencils = They my pencils.
8. This is a red book = This a red book.
9. I am a teacher = I a teacher.
10. It is a brown dog = It a brown dog.
11. We are seven years old = We seven years old.
12. You are lazy = You lazy.
13. He is an old man = He an old man.
14. They are my toys = They my toys.
15. She is my mother = She my mother.