Change to Question Form (Some/Any)

Fill in the blanks with Do or Does
1. I have some popcorn. ==> I have pocorn?
2. Anna has some chalk. ==> Anna have chalk?
3. You have some candy. ==> you have candy?
4. We have some staplers. ==> we have staplers?
5. Andy and I have some peanuts. ==> Andy and I have peanuts?
6. She has some tape. ==> she have tape?
7. You have some candy. ==> you have candy?
8. She has some rubber bands. ==> she have rubber bands?
9. We have some peanuts. ==> we have peanuts?
10. Anna has some stew. ==> she have stew?
11. They have some pizza. ==> they have pizza?
12. She has some ribbon. ==> she have ribbon?
13. They have some grapes. ==> they have grapes?
14. Sam has some scissors. ==> Sam have scissors?
15. She has some paint. ==> she have paint?