Introducing Yourself in Just a Minute

Students are told to write an introduction about themselves and their family. They should write about 250-300 words. They then have to memorize what they wrote. Then, every day, ask two or three students to come to the front of the class one at a time and introduce themselves. The rules are that they have to keep talking for one minute without pausing. If they stop or can’t think of what to say next they then have to try again another day. I find it is easier for them to remember if you put topic headings at the back of the classroom. Such as My Family, My Friends, My School etc. Click here for more topics that they can talk about.

1. My name is Jittrawan and my last name is Adisaiparadee. My nickname  is Pang. I have two sisters. Their names are Rassawan and Tipanan. Rassawan can play the violin and Tipanan can play the piano. Rassawan is older than Tipanan and Tipanan is older than me. My father’s name is Keerawat. My father is a manager. My mother’s name is Ratana. My mother is a housewife. My favourite animals are buffalo and hippopotamus because they are lovely. My favourite colours are orange and green. My favourite subjects are Maths, English and Computer. My lovely friends are Nok, Keaw, Bow. They are very good friends to me. I have hobbies and my hobbies are playing piano, dance jazz, dance ballet and painting. I love my country very much, because my country has the best King and Queen. My country has trees. My country has the best people and my country has me and my family.

2. My name is Kanokporn Pothitat. My nickname is Nok. I am 12 years old. My birthday is on 18 July. I have one brother. His name is Sokolchai. He is younger than me, he is 8 years old. My brother goes to the same school as me. He likes to eat omelette. My father’s occupation is trader and my mother’s occupation is housewife. I love my dad and my mum. In the holidays, my family goes to my grandmother’s house. My grandmother is kind and loves me. In the morning, I get up at 6.30. I usually go to school with my father and my brother. I go to school by car. My hobbies are riding a bicycle, reading cartoon books and playing badminton. I like fish, but hate mice and snakes. My favorite subjects are Maths, because it is fun, English and History (if it is easy). I want to be a doctor when I grow up.

3. My name is Nuenghatai. I am a girl. I live in Thailand. I like my friends, because they are very pretty. My best friends are Kanista and Tayawee. They are beautiful and very good friends. My family has a father, mother, sister and me. I love my family. My school’s name is Sriwittayapaknam School. My favourite subjects are English, Science and Maths. All subjects are interesting for me. My hobbies are playing badminton and swimming. I have a cousin. His name is Pongsakron. He studies in New Zealand. He is very handsome. My father’s occupation is an employee. My mother’s occupation is a housewife. When I grow up I want to be a Business woman. I love my family and my friends. Bye Bye.