Personal Pronouns - 02

Fill in the blanks with He, She, It or They
1. A cat is on the mat. = is on the mat.
2. The rabbits are playing in the field. = are playing in the field.
3. My sister is a student. = is a student.
4. My brother is fat. = is fat.
5. My friends are singing. = are signing.
6. My mother has black hair. = has black hair.
7. The giraffe has a long neck. has a long neck.
8. My father is a teacher. = is a teacher.
9. The dog is running. = is running.
10. The students are learning Chinese. = are learning Chinese.
11. The boy is flying a kite. = is flying a kite.
12. The girl is playing with her doll. = is playing with her doll.
13. My house is big. = is big.
14. The children like their teacher. = like their teacher.
15. My father is reading a book. = is reading a book.