Math Word Problems 02 - Primary 1

Fill in all the gaps.
Write the answer as an Arabic number. For example "45".

1. I have eight apples. Kate has fifteen apples. John has three apples. How many altogether? ANSWER: apples
2. I have 27 Baht and my freind has 23 Baht. How much money do we have altogether? ANSWER: Baht
3. A flower seller has 57 roses. She sells 37 roses. How many does she have left? ANSWER: roses
4. Somsi is 7 years old. Somjit is 4 years older. How old is Sonjit? ANSWER: years old
5. Mana has 34 Baht. She buys a pen for 20 Baht. How much money does she have left? ANSWER: Baht