Math Word Problems 03 - Primary 1

Fill in the blanks
Write the answer as an Arabic number. For example "45".

1. A pencil is 39 Baht. A pen is 10 Baht more than the pencil. How much is the pen? ANSWER: Baht
2. On the first day, I read 18 pages in my book. On the second day I read 15 pages. How many pages did I read in two days? ANSWER: pages
3. Mana has 35 Baht. She bought a pen for 25 Baht. How much money does she had left? ANSWER: Baht
4. A flower seller has 57 roses. She sells 15 roses. How many does she have left? ANSWER: roses
5. Kate is 7 years old. Jenny is 3 years older. How old is Jenny? ANSWER: years old