Reading Comphrension 01

Fill in the blanks.
Hello. My name is Scott. I am seven years old. My father is a doctor. He is old. My mother is a nurse. She is fat. I have five birds, two cats, three rabbits and two big dogs. I like yellow and blue.

1. What is his name? His name is .
2. How many cats does he have? He has cats.
3. How many rabbits does he have? He has rabbits.
4. What color does he like? He likes and blue.
5. Who is a nurse? His is a nurse.
6. Who is a doctor? His is a doctor.
7. Which animals are big? The are big.
8. How old is the boy? The boy is years old.
9. How many birds does he have? He has birds.
10. Who is fat? His is fat.