Math Word Problems 03 - Primary 2

Fill in the blanks.
Write the answer as an Arabic number. For example "45".

1. Yesterday, I read 15 pages in my book. Today I read 24 pages. How many pages have I read altogether? Answer: pages
2. Mother spent 43 Baht on pork and 22 Baht on fish. How much did she spend altogether? Answer: Baht
3. My grandmother bought 24 eggs. After she cooked an omelette, she had 19 eggs left. How many eggs did she use? Answer: eggs
4. Malee wants to buy a book for 85 Baht. But she only has 55 Baht. How much more money does she need? Answer: Baht
5, Somporn had 25 rabbits. He bought 40 more and then sold 25. How many does he have now? Answer: rabbits