Math Word Problems 04 - Primary 2

Fill in the Blanks
Write the answer as an Arabic number. For example "45".

1. Scott only has 74 Baht. He wants to buy a book for 99 Baht. How much more money does he need? Baht
2. Mary has 41 pencils. She has 19 more pencils than Jane. How many pencils does Jane have? pencils
3. Kate bought fish for 32 Baht, shrimp for 45 Baht and shellfish for 29 Baht. How much did she pay? Baht
4. There are 450 mangoes in a box. You have sold 380 mangoes. How many do you have left? mangoes
5. Mary has 600 Baht. Sam has 275 Baht more than Mary. How much money does Sam have? Baht