Math Word Problems 05 - Primary 2

Fill in all the gaps.
Write the answer as an Arabic number. For example "45".

1. Scott has 185 silver and gold fish. 108 of the fish are silver. How many fish are gold? fish.
2. My father sold 213 kilograms of oranges and 65 kilograms of apples. How many more oranges did he sell? kilograms.
3. Andy bought a notebook for 125 Baht and a pen for 78 Baht. How much must he pay? Baht.
4. My younger sister is 117 centimeters tall. I am 28 centimeters taller. How tall am I? centimeters.
5. On the first day I read 32 pages in my book. On the second day, I read 25 pages. I have another 35 pages to read. How many pages in the book? pages.