Math Word Problems 07 - Primary 2

Fill in the blanks
Write the answer as an Arabic number. For example "45".

1. On Monday, the fruit seller made 117 Baht. On Tuesday he made 45 Baht more than Monday. How much did he make in two days? Baht.
2. I want to buy a shirt for 580 Baht. If I give the cashier 1,000 Baht. How much is the change? Baht
3. Kate wants to buy watermelon for 150 Baht, mangoes for 185 Baht and papaya for 225 Baht. How much does she pay? Baht
4. Prida has 500 Baht. His father give him 250 Baht. Prida then buys a book for 375 Baht. How much does he have left? Baht
5. My mother buys rice for 250 Baht and oil for 167 Baht. If she gives the cashier 500 Baht, how much is the change? Baht