Math Word Problems 09 - Primary 2

Fill in the blanks
Write the answer as an Arabic number. For example "45".

1. I weigh 49 kilos. My mother weighs 24 kilos more than me. How much does she weigh? ANSWER: kilos
2. John has 240 Baht. His father gives him 150 Baht. John wants to buy a toy for 250 Baht. How much money will he have left? ANSWER: Baht
3. Mary has 15 friends. She gives each friend three pencils each. She has two pencils left. How many did she start with? ANSWER: pencils
4. Eric has 195 Baht. Liz has 28 Baht more than Eric. How much do they have altogether? ANSWER: Baht
5. Matthew has 115 oranges. John has 95 less oranges than Matthew. How many do they have altogether? ANSWER: oranges