Choose "This/These" and "That/Those"

Fill in the Blanks
(A) Choose "This" or "These"

1. is an eraser.
2. is a big box.
3. are our telephones.
4. are green apples.
5. is a baseball bat.
6. are my tissues.
7. are round balls.
8. are small peaches.
9. is a big pear.
10. is a hot chocolate drink.

(B) Choose "That" or "Those"

1. is a blue bird.
2. are green birds.
3. is my pancake.
4. is a big sofa.
5. lamps are on the table.
6. is a bathtub.
7. are our bags.
8. is a refrigerator.
9. are my books under the bed.
10. is my book on the table.