Math Word Problems 10 - Primary 3

Fill in the blanks
Write the answer as an Arabic number. For example "45". For five thousand, write "5,000"

1. A mother gives her three children 45 Baht pocket money each. If she has 245 Baht left, how much did she start with? ANSWER: Baht
2. Fruit juice costs 29 Baht per bottle. If I buy 10 bottles and give the shopkeeper 500 Baht banknote, how much is the change? ANSWER: Baht
3. I have ten 50 Baht banknotes. If I change them for 5 Baht coins, how many coins will I have? ANSWER: coins
4. Sarah has 225 Baht. Tiffany has three times more money than Sarah. How much money do they have altogether? ANSWER: Baht
5. Matthew has 190 mangoes. He puts 10 mangoes in each box. If he sells each box for 12 Baht, how much money does he make? ANSWER: Baht