Math Word Problems 02 - Primary 3

Fill in the blanks
Write the answer as an Arabic number. For example "45". For five thousand, write "5,000"

1. A shirt is 380 Baht. Wichai has 196 Baht. How much more money does he need to buy the shirt? Baht.
2. A father gives his five children 45 Baht each. If he has 68 Baht, how much did he start with? Baht
3. A fruit vendor sells seven kilograms of apples for 91 Baht. How much is one kilogram? Baht.
4. If I want to buy eight chairs for 125 Baht each, how much money do I need? Baht
5. I have 180 eggs. If I put six eggs in one box, how many boxes do I need? boxes