Math Word Problems 07 - Primary 3

Fill in the blanks
Write the answer as an Arabic number. For example "45". For five thousand, write "5,000"

1. Shirts are 215 Baht each. If I buy four shirts, how much do I pay? ANSWER: Baht
2. Jack has 250 Baht in his wallet. Alex has 50 Baht more in his wallet. How much money do they both have? ANSWER: Baht
3. Your mother has 49 oranges. She gives you 16 oranges. She sells the remaining oranges for 9 Baht each. How much does she make? ANSWER: Baht
4. There are 168 students and four classrooms in Primary 6. How many students in each clasroom? ANSWER: students
5. I have 245 candies. If I put seven candies in each bag and sell the bags for 10 Baht each, how much money do I make? ANSWER: Baht