Math Word Problems 09 - Primary 3

Fill in the blanks
Write the answer as an Arabic number. For example "45". For five thousand, write "5,000"

1. I had 50 milk cartons. I drank 15 cartons. If I sold the remainder for 7 Baht each, how much money will I make? ANSWER: Baht
2. James has 95 Baht. Katie has 20 Baht more than James. Simon has 40 Baht more than Katie. How much does Simon have? ANSWER: Baht
3. John bought three dozen pencils. If the pencils are 8 Baht each, how much did he pay? ANSWER: Baht
4. A shopkeeper sells 980 eggs per day. How many eggs can she sell in one week? ANSWER: eggs
5. Steve bought two shirts for 190 Baht each. If he gives the shopkeeper 500 Baht, how much is the change? ANSWER: Baht

dozen = โหล