Let's Go 6 (Unit 1) Possessive Pronouns/Adjectives

Fill in the blanks.
1. These are my pencils. They are .
2. It is her book. It is .
3. Those are his toys. Those are .
4. Those are their apples. Those are .
5. These are our notebooks. These are .
6. It is your pencil sharpener. It is .
7. Is that your ruler. Is it ?
8. It's our house. It's .
9. That's my hat. That's .
10. Those are our gloves. Those are .

11. I am happy, but friend is sad (my/mine)
12. I talked to friend for two hours last night (my/mine)
13. Did friend call you last night? (your/yours)
14. Jane is one of friends (our/ours)
15. My sandwich is small, but is big (your/yours)
16. Those students learn Chinese with teacher (their/theirs)
17. Our teacher is English but is American (their/theirs)
18. His hair is black but is green (her/hers)
19. His dog is very big but is small (my/mine)
20. Can I borrow eraser? (your/yours)