Rabbits in the Garden

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Rabbits in the Garden

The rabbit hopped across the grass. It looked around carefully. Then it hopped to the garden. Frank and his mother sat on the porch. They didn't move at all.

They were watching the rabbit. "Wont the rabbits eat your plants?" whispered Frank.
"Maybe" said Mother. "But I have lots of plants. I don't mind if the rabbits eat a few leaves"

By now, the rabbit had reached the garden. It sniffed the air before hopping over to a plant. The plant had pretty green leaves and purple flowers. The rabbit ate some of the leaves.

Mother tapped Frank on the arm. She pointed to the grass.

Two baby rabbits were hopping across the grass. Soon they reached the garden and hurried over to the big rabbit.

Each of the little rabbits sniffed the big rabbit's nose. "I'm glad you didn't chase the big rabbit away," said Frank.