Rabbits in the Garden

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Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
The rabbit hopped across the grass. It looked around carefully. Then it (following, hopped, shorter) to the garden.

Frank and his (pen, full, mother) sat on the porch. They didn't (sent, quick, move) at all.

They were watching the (rabbit, balloon, fight).
"Wont the rabbits eat your plants?" (shouted, whispered, sang) Frank.
"Maybe" said Mother. "But I (splash, nest, have) lots of plants. I don't mind (so, if, to) the rabbits eat a few leaves"

(By, At, Two) now, the rabbit had reached the (lunch, garden, seven).
It sniffed the air before hopping (with, over, field) to a plant.
The plant had (pretty, glad, keep) green leaves and purple flowers. The (dinner, clip, rabbit) ate some of the leaves.

Mother (bought, tapped, thing) Frank on the arm. She pointed (to, until, duck) the grass.

Two baby rabbits were ( thanked, hopping, book) across the grass.
Soon they reached (the, shiny, mail) garden and hurried over to the ( many, card, big) rabbit.

Each of the little rabbits (shout, sniffed, gold) the big rabbit's nose.
"I'm glad (them, duck, you) didn't chase the big rabbit away," (say, said, told) Frank.