Math Problems 01

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Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. Five pencils cost thirty five baht. How much is one pencil? = Baht

2. Six packets each hold eight biscuits. How many biscuits altogether? = biscuits

3. Drinks are nine baht each. Find the cost of seven drinks. = Baht

4. A rope is thirteen metres long. What is the length of a rope six times as long. = meters

5. Eighteen girls share some sweets and they have three each. How many sweets were there? = sweets

6. How many eighty baht tickets can I buy for five hundred and sixty baht? = tickets

7. There are six eggs in a box. How many boxes are needed for forty eight eggs? = boxes

8. There are 12 eggs but three eggs are broken. How many whole eggs are there? = whole eggs

9. Tawit is given thirty nine baht a day. How much does he have in a week? = Baht

10. I pay forty nine baht for some oranges. If they cost seven baht each, how many oranges did I have? = oranges