Math Problems 02

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Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. Nid travels eight kilometres a day. How far does she travel in six days? = kms

2. Fourteen cakes have nine candles each. How many candles altogether? = candles

3. Share fifty four sweets among six boys. How many sweets each? = sweets

4. Suda walks eight kilometres to school and back again every day. How many kilometres does she walk in five days? = kms

5. The bus fare is seven baht. How much is it for six girls? = Baht

6. In a football game, nine boys have each scored seven goals. How many goals altogether? = goals

7. Balloons are four baht each. How many can you buy for one hundred baht? = balloons

8. Seven girls share some sweets. They have four each and two are left. How many sweets were there at first? = sweets

9. Suwit has seven times as many marbles as Lek. If Lek has eight marbles, how many has Suwit? = marbles

10. Manee has thirty two sweets. She gave a quarter of them to her friend. How many were left? = sweets