TOEIC Practice Tests for Primary School Students

TOEIC is a test for international communication. It is used by some companies in Bangkok and around the world to measure the every day English skills of people that they intend to hire.  Academic institutions use this test as well. Candidates are tested on listening, reading, speaking and writing. Although there is no need for our primary students in the Intensive English Program to take this test any time soon, we decided that it wouldn’t hurt for them to start preparing for the exam. So, we’ve started to put together some tests which have a similar style. But, please note, these practice exams are a lot easier as they are aimed at our primary school students. The easiest tests are for students who are only eight years old. The aim is that by the time they get to Primary 6 that they might be able to take the test if they choose to do so.

In Thailand, people just do the Listening and Reading Test.

Part 1: Photos.
Part 2: Question-Response
Part 3: Conversations
Part 4: Short Talks

Part 5: Incomplete Sentences
Part 6: Text Completion
Part 7: Reading Comprehension

PART 1: PHOTOS. In this section, the students have to look at a picture and listen to four statements. They have to choose the statement that best fits the picture. On this website we are doing this as a reading comprehension exam. The statements refer to things such as the placement of objects, types of clothing, main actions, seasons etc. There also might be trick questions where the vocabulary is correct but the context is wrong.

PART 5: INCOMPLETE SENTENCES – In this section, the students have to choose the best answer to complete a sentence.



PART 6: TEXT COMPLETION – In this section, there are short stories and the students have to fill in the blanks.

PART 7: READING COMPREHENSION – In this section, the students from Primary 1-3 have to read a short story and then answer some questions about it. Students from Primary 4-6 have double stories to read quickly and answer questions.