Thai Words Borrowed from English - 01

Fill in the blanks
1. At the weekend, my father likes to play (กอล์ฟ) .
2. Can I have one (กิโล) of oranges?
3. My father is a (กัปตัน) on a fishing boat.
4. I want to watch a (การ์ตูน) tonight.
5. My sister can play the (กีตาร์) very well.
6. I am not feeling very well. I will go to the (คลินิก) after school.
7. I like to play on my (คอมพิวเตอร์) after school.
8. My mother made a (เค้ก) for my birthday.
9. My teacher uses (ชอล์ก) to write on the blackboard.
10. It is very hot today. It is 40 degrees (เซลเซียส) .