Thai Words Borrowed from English - 02

Fill in the blanks
1. The (ไดโนเสาร์) lived millions of years ago.
2. We took a (แท็กซี่) to Bangkok.
3. At the weekend, I like to play (เทนนิส) with my brother.
4. The car is going too fast. Put your foot on the (เบรก) .
5. My brothers like to play (ฟุตบอล) in the park.
6. My father works on a (ฟาร์ม) .
7. Use the (ไมโครโฟน) , I cannot hear you.
8. My mother cooked dinner in the (ไมโครเวฟ) .
9. We had (มะกะโรนี) for lunch today.
10. I like to eat a (แยม) sandwich.