Thai Words Borrowed from English - 03

Fill in the blanks
1. A (ยีราฟ) has a very long neck.
2. My mother puts on pink (ลิปสติก) on her lips.
3. We go in the (ลิฟต์) up to the six floor.
4. I like to play (แบดมินตัน) with my younger sister.
5. Oranges have a lot of (วิตามิน) C.
6. My sister can play the (ไวโอลิน) very well.
7. Please (สวิตช์) off the light.
8. I want to send a letter. I need a (แสตมป์) .
9. For lunch today, we had (สปาเก็ตตี้) .
10. I like to eat chocolate (ไอศกรีม) .