Math Word Problems


This is a good example of using English. Makeup ten easy math problems for the students to do. Remember, this is testing their English and not their math. A good example would be: “Five pencils cost thirty-five baht. How much is one pencil?” Once they are used to these kinds of questions give them a strict time limit of only 10 minutes. This will force them to think in English. It is a mistake for them to translate into Thai first, work the problem out in Thai and then translate back into English.

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1. Five pencils cost thirty-five baht. How much is one pencil?

2. Six packets each hold eight biscuits. How many biscuits altogether?

3. Drinks are nine baht each. Find the cost of seven drinks.

4. A rope is thirteen metres long. What is the length of a rope six times as long.

5. Eighteen girls share some sweets and they have three each. How many sweets were there?

6. How many eighty baht tickets can I buy for five hundred and sixty baht?

7. There are six eggs in a box. How many boxes are needed for forty-eight eggs?

8. There are 12 eggs but three eggs are broken. How many whole eggs are there?

9. Tawit is given thirty-nine baht a day. How much does he have in a week?

10. I pay forty-nine baht for some oranges. If they cost seven baht each, how many oranges did I have?



1. Nid travels eight kilometres a day. How far does she travel in six days?

2. Fourteen cakes have nine candles each. How many candles altogether?

3. Share fifty-four sweets among six boys. How many sweets each?

4. Suda walks eight kilometres to school and back again every day. How many kilometres does she walk in five days?

5. The bus fare is seven baht. How much is it for six girls?

6. In a football game, nine boys have each scored seven goals. How many goals altogether?

7. Balloons are four baht each. How many can you buy for one hundred baht?

8. Seven girls share some sweets. They have four each and two are left. How many sweets were there at first?

9. Suwit has seven times as many marbles as Lek. If Lek has eight marbles, how many has Suwit?

10. Manee has thirty-two sweets. She gave a quarter of them to her friend. How many were left?