The word lists and games on this page will help you enlarge your vocabulary.


Game One (85 words) – 5 Letters, Kindergarten Words and Singular Nouns: apple, beach, black, brown, candy, child, clean, color, daddy, dream, drive, eight, fight, green, heart, horse, house, light, money, mouse, music, panda, paper, party, pizza, plant, plate, puppy, queen, quiet, right, river, seven, sleep, stand, stick, story, sweet, table, there, three, tiger, today, train, truck, water, white, witch, woman, zebra

















P1-Unit 6: sunny, rainy, windy, cloudy, snow,
Related: cloud, puddle, igloo

P3-Unit 7: sunny, rainy, cloudy, snowy, breezy, stormy, chilly, foggy


P1-Unit 7: banana, soda, milkshake, cookie, sandwich, salad, egg, orange, apple, chicken, fish, pizza, bread, rice, milk, cake, ice cream
Related: hungry, thirsty,

P2-Unit 5: omelet, peach, pear, pancakes, yogurt, cereal, tea, hot chocolate, sandwich, cookie, banana, pancake, egg, grapes, peach, hamburger, stew, cheese, pasta, steak
Related: peel


P1-Unit 8: cat, dog, bird, rabbit, frog, turtle, monkey, lion, bear, giraffe, elephant, spider, goat, fish,


P2-Unit6: bed, bathtub, sofa, stove, lamp, sink, TV, refrigerator,

P3-Unit 8: bedroom, living room, bathroom, dining room, kitchen, garage


P3-Unit 5: art class, English class, music class, math class, swimming class, computer class


P1-Unit 2: pick up your pencil, draw a picture, read a book, count to ten, write the word
P1-Unit 8:
 wash my hands, eat pizza, drink milk, brush my teeth
P2-Unit 6:
 wash the dishes, take a bath, clean the room, make the bed,
P2-Unit 7: get up, brush my teeth, wash my face, comb my hair, get dressed, eat breakfast, talk on the phone, do homework, take a bath, watch TV, study English, eat dinner, take a shower, go to bed, play video games, play the violin
P2-Unit 8: dancing, swimming, sleeping, drawing, singing, running, walking, reading, eating, cooking, drawing
P3-Unit 5: play outside, take a nap, watch TV, go shopping, play video games, practice the piano
P3-Unit 6: play tennis, read e-mail, do gymnastics, study English, do homework, practice karate
P3-Unit 7: eat breakfast, do homework, watch TV, talk on the phone, play a video game, ride a bike, use a computer, practice the piano, practice karate (past tense)
P4-Unit 5: download pictures, practice the violin, watch a baseball game, listen to music, play a board game, visit my grandparents (past tense)


P2-Unit 8: home, school, park, store, library, zoo

P3-Unit 7: restaurant, movie theater, mall, amusement park, circus, hospital, library, airport


P2-Unit 8: What time is it, It’s time for…., o’clock

P3-Unit 6: quarter after, half past, a quarter to


P3-Unit 5: Monday to Sunday


P4-Unit 5: excited, worried, interested, surprised, bored, embarrassed







P1-Unit 6: in, on, under, by (next to)

P2-Unit 6: next, to, in front of, behind

P4-Unit 5: around, through, over, under, into, out of


P3-Unit 6: always, usually, sometimes, never