Present Simple Questions (do/does) 01

Fill in the blanks.
Make present simple questions. For example, change "You live in Samut Prakan" to "Do you live in Samut Prakan?"

1. You finish school at 3:30pm = school at 3:30pm?
2. He gets up at 5am = up at 5am?
3. It barks very loudly = very loudly?
4. They go to school by bus = to school by bus?
5. We eat lunch at school = lunch at school?
6. She swims in a pool = in a pool?
7. You learn Chinese on Fridays = Chinese on Fridays?
8. He draws beautiful pictures = beautiful pictures?
9. She dances on Fridays = on Fridays?
10. We go to the library = to the library?