Personal Pronouns - 3

Drop Down Quiz

Fill in the blanks with "he", "she", "it", "they" or "we"
1. A cat is on the mat. is on the mat.
2. The rabbits are playing in the field. are playing in the field.
3. My sister is a student. is a student.
4. My brother is fat. is fat.
5. My friends are singing. are signing.
6. My mother has black hair. has black hair.
7. The giraffe has a long neck. has a long neck.
8. My father is a teacher. is a teacher.
9. The dog is running. is running.
10. The students are learning Chinese. are learning Chinese.
11. The boy is flying a kite. is flying a kite.
12. The girl is playing with her doll. is playing with her doll.
13. My house is big. is big.
14. The children like their teacher. like their teacher.
15. My father is reading a book. is reading a book.