Memory Game

You have 60 seconds to read and memorize the story. When time is up, click on the link to play the memory game. Good luck! อ่านข้อความ ท่องจำแล้วเขียนตอบ ( ให้เวลา 1 นาที )

001 My name is Scott. I am seven years old. This is my bag. I have two pens, three pencils and one ruler. I am sitting on my chair in my classroom. There is a book on my desk. There is a wastebasket on the floor.

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002 Today I am learning English. Our teacher tells us to stand up and make a circle. She says, “Put your ruler on your head”. Then she says, “Put your eraser on your nose! Now, point to the map on the wall. Sit down on your chair. Take out your pen and book”.

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003 Today I am learning Art. I take out my book. My teacher says, “Draw a picture of an orange sun. Next, draw a blue house and a black tree”. I put away my book. I am hungry, so I eat a green apple and a red ant.

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004 Today is Sunday. My house is purple. The windows are square. I have a green dog and a pink cat. I like to eat a brown apple and a blue sandwich. There are five people in my family. I am six and my sister is eight.

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005 Today is my birthday. I am eight years old. My mother and father gave me a cell phone. My brother gave me a CD. My sister gave me a computer. My best friend gave me a video game. I am very happy today.

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006 Today I am going to Big C with my father. I want to buy some things for school. I need five notebooks and one pencil case. At lunch time, I want to eat duck and rice. Then I want to play a video game.

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007 There are five people in my family. My mother is pretty. My father is handsome. My brother is tall. My sister is short. And me.

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008 I am seven. My brother is seventeen. We are young. My grandfather is seventy. He is old. My father is forty. He is handsome.

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009 Today is my birthday. I am seven years old. I am very happy. My parents gave me a bicycle. My brother gave me a kite. My sister gave me a jump rope. My grandmother gave me a puzzle. I have a cake with candles. I eat it with my hands.

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010 What do you like to do on Saturday? I like to ride my bicycle. Sometimes I play baseball with my father. My sister likes to play with her robot. Sometimes I throw a ball with her. Today we will play with our pet animals. We have a rabbit and some fish.

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011 How’s the weather? Today it is sunny. We want to kick a ball in the park. Yesterday it was cloudy and windy. We went to the park to fly our kite. Is it snowy? No, it is too hot. If you want it to snow, it must be cold.

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012 Today is Sunday. I am in the park with my brother. There are five big trees and eight small trees. Under the trees there are orange flowers. There are clouds in the sky. It is rainy. We are jumping in the puddles.

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013 I am very hungry. I want to eat a chicken sandwich. I am thirsty. I want to drink some milkshake. Next I want to eat a banana. After lunch, I will brush my teeth.

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014 What do you want to eat for lunch? I want pizza. What do you want to drink? I want orange juice. Do you want some ice cream? Yes, please! Go and wash your hands.

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015 Do you have a pet animal? I do! I have four green rabbits. Eight blue birds. Six black frogs. And three red cats. My favorite pet is my brown dog.

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016 Today I want to go to the zoo with my family. I want to see brown bears and white elephants. I don’t like monkeys. I think giraffes look funny. Lions are my favorite animal.

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